Collection: De Sírius - BAH - Brasilian Amazonic Hair Care

The strength of Amazon actives, now in your hair.

With a fascinating combination of assets from the Amazon Forest, the Line Brazilian Amazonic Hair Care will make you enjoy the true Brazilian essence.
It provides hair regenerated and reconstructed in the first application, in any season, as well as the Amazon remains stunning throughout the year.

The BAH line will transform your threads from the inside out, keeping them hydrated and disciplined in the right measure. Returning strength, vitality and natural elasticity to your hair, providing resistance, movement and revealing an unparalleled shine.
Leaving your hair soft, frizz-free and protected from damage caused by high temperatures.

Ideal for all types of hair, with the BAH Line – Brazlian Amazonic Hair, the hair of your dreams will come true.

INDICATION: For extremely damaged hair
WHAT IT DOES? Instant regeneration of the hair fiber