Braliz is a brand with products for styling, home care and coloring EXCLUSIVELY FOR HAIRDRESSERS.

The star of this brand is the innovative Braliz straightening spray, which was born in 2018: the VERY FIRST spray treatment in the world to straighten the hair.
In 2020, the Braliz 10 Minute colors and the associated emulsions were launched. Spectacular improvements in the world of cosmetics; reduction of working hours for hairdressers without compromising quality.

The Braliz brand is a part of PROLAB Cosmetics, which has been around for more than 24 years. Braliz has quickly won the cosmetic market with its vegan concept and it is now sold in more than 35 countries worldwide. From Brazil to Europe. From the Middle East to the United States.

The professional products can only be ordered by professionals through one of our salespeople. You can reach our salespeople in different ways:
- By chat on this website.
- By telephone via 0621433947.
- And of course also by mail:

The home care products are available at an attractive hairdressing price for professionals from our sellers. It is sold online on our website for the regular price.

Be enchanted by this brand and discover the Braliz world with us!