We are FS Cosmetics

FS Cosmetics. A brand with DNA deeply rooted in innovation and quality.

FS Cosmetics is a distributor of solutions for all types of hair. But behind the brand, there’s a person and a unique experience. Fernanda Smits wrote a letter to explain the history of FS Cosmetics.

New Way New Moment New Phase I have entered a completely new phase. You know me as a person, a technical hairdresser, and a distributor of Honma Tokyo. However, what few people know is that Honma Tokyo is part of the company FS Cosmetics B.V., which I founded in 2015. I started at home in the attic with an office, where my husband Wim Smits and I developed all the marketing materials: flyers, catalogs, business cards, website, and online shop. We did everything ourselves! That's where our new adventure began, the realization of a dream to become an independent entrepreneur. Since I was young, I had a strong feeling inside me, but I didn't know which direction to take until I met Honma Tokyo.

After having all the marketing materials ready, I started visiting salons one by one. The products were well-received by professionals, and soon after, I began giving courses. Something I also enjoy, passing on knowledge is like adding something good to the universe.

With the courses, I realized that I needed good tools and started looking for them. At Cosmoprof Bologna, I met Olivia Garden and fell in love with the quality and beauty of their brushes. We then began distributing Olivia Garden products in Europe. Later, we added Hector's beautiful hair straighteners to our assortment.

We outgrew our attic and moved to the living room of our house, along with the first employees, until it was no longer possible. We started storing product inventory in the shed and garage next to our house until there was no more space. Our entire house became an office and warehouse. Nowadays, I no longer work from home; we moved to our first office in 2019, and from there, we, together with our employees, serve all our customers.

Looking back, I see the phases we've gone through, and I feel so happy. Now we're entering a new phase again, the phase in which we will operate under the name of our company FS Cosmetics and introduce another brand into our catalog. Our new baby!

De Sirius is a brand with a green soul, offering high-quality vegan products with more than 200 items. We are very happy to collaborate with this beautiful brand and enjoy this new moment, a new experience. We launched it during the hairdresser's fair, The Hair Xperience, where the brand was very well-received by professionals.

De Sirius offers special benefits for hairdressers, such as:

  • Exclusive products for hairdressers
  • Vegan products
  • New trends in "Hair Therapy" and "Capillary Lamination"
  • Vegan Hair Coloring
  • Products for Curly Hair
  • Various Hair Styling products

We are already working on course schedules so that professionals can professionalize themselves with De Sirius products from September. We develop the courses with much love and affection. I love what I do, and I enjoy teaching. Anyone who knows me and has taken a course with me knows that I do my best. My goal is that no one leaves my course without learning, neither my team.

Our company, FS Cosmetics, has mainly grown and developed through our service. Love and respect for the customer mean everything to us. Thank you so much to everyone who has ever taken a course, bought a product, and believed in us. I will always do my best, together with my team, to continue offering excellent service, with a smile on our faces, providing high-quality products and courses.