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Le Cronogramme Capillaire est un cycle de traitement qui restitue en seulement 04 semaines, les protéines et les acides aminés dont il a besoin au cheveu, en plus de reconstituer les lipides et d'embellir les mèches.

Ce cycle de traitement est généralement composé de 3 étapes. Mais, chez De Sirius, nous avons le Super Cronogramme Capillaire, composé de 4 étapes complètes : Super Dose de Reconstruction, Restauration, Nutrition et Hydratation pour vos fils !

Traitement végétalien.

Résultat immédiat dès la première application.



HAIR RECONSTRUCTION: is one of the most powerful treatments, as it has the function of returning to the hair the proteins and amino acids lost by chemical processes, such as discoloration, coloring or straightening. We can make a comparison, like a building that is about to fall down and needs a renovation, you need to “rebuild” everything, from the inside out. This is the reconstruction in the hair. The sensation that you will have after a reconstruction is of a “heavier” hair. But don't worry, this happens due to the replacement of mass from proteins such as Keratin, Collagen and Elastin.

RESTORATION: it is a treatment to renew all the properties that the hair has. Just like a restoration of a work of art, the restorer will act on the hair in the same way, renewing the strands with vegetable oils, such as coconut, wheat, shea butter and with proteins and vitamins, which help to combat hair loss and breakage.

NUTRITION: different from what many people think, nutrition is not just done with oils. It is a balance of actives that helps the hair giving it a full body, more color protection and balance on the scalp. It would be like a fertilizer for the threads: it helps to grow and make them stronger.

HYDRATION: it is the treatment that beautifies the threads, restores shine, softness and balance. It will return the water to the hair, so the hair gets a lot of shine. It is a treatment that can be done constantly and along with any other treatment, due to its beautifying properties.


Wash with shampoo 2x and remove excess water with a towel.
Apply the conditioner all over the hair, wait 3 minutes and apply the cream on top, wrapping it lock by lock. Comb through and take a break with a cap or just pin your hair for at least 5 minutes (or as long as you want, it won't hurt!). Wash your hair with water, removing all excess product.

You can use a different cream each week or focus on one for a longer period, depending on your hair's needs.


For all hair types.
Complete treatment and immediate result.

We recommend starting with those with the greatest treatment power, such as the order explained: Reconstruction, Restoration, Nutrition and Hydration.


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