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PlastHair Bixyplastia is one of our mildest and most nourishing keratin treatments.

Passion Fruit was specially developed to straight 100% hair with intense curls, thick blond or discolored. On dark hair with a thick texture, the result will be 80% straight. The result lasts about 3 months.

Plasthair Bixyplastia Passion Fruit performs high performance in the alignment of the hair fiber due to the potential of the passion fruit acid actives, rich in vitamins A, C and complex B, which restore shine and softness. Passion fruit stands out due to its acidity index that acts in synergy with the action of Bixyplastia, transforming the hair fiber, providing high alignment performance in resistant hair.

Shampoo-  Deep Clean -Step 1 = pH 7,5 - 8,5

Keratin - Passion Fruit Rebuilding Mask – Step 2 = pH = 5.0 – 6.0


– Assets that preserve the hair fiber

– Creates a protective layer around the wire. Allowing greater durability with an even and aligned surface.

– Extreme hydration

– Shine and softness


  •  Suitable for wavy and curly hair (2A-2B-2C) and (3A-3B).
  • Hair with intense curls, thick blond or discolored will achieve 100% straightness. On dark hair with a thick texture, the result will be 80% straight.
  • Staining can be done before treatment. After the treatment, root retouching can be done with 6% hydrogen peroxide or tinting. Only after 3 days the hair can be dyed with 9% or 12% hydrogen peroxide.
  •  Hair can lighten up to a shade.
  •  This treatment can be repeated every three months, before this period it is not necessary.

Instruction manual:

  •  Is available ask for it when you order..
  •  Plasthair Bixyplastia is designed to smooth and moisturize hair, but if not used correctly, it will not have the desired effect.

Yields approximately 10 applications with 500 ml and 20 applications with 1L.

Home Care Tip - Use the H-Teace range for maximum results and care at home.





How to use

Step by Step:

1- With wet hair, apply a small portion of PlastHair Bixyplastia Preparatory Shampoo, gloving up to the ends. Rinse well without leaving product residue. Repeat the procedure 1 or 2 more times as needed.

2- Then dry the hair 100% and divide it into 4 parts. Apply the PlastHair Bixyplastia Passion Fruit Reconstructive Mask strand by strand, 1 cm away from the root, aligning the strands with a fine-toothed comb. Let it act for 20 minutes.

3- After the pause time, dry the hair 100% with a warm dryer. No brushing required. Plank thin strands as many times as necessary.

4- Let the hair cool. Rinse well with lukewarm water until the product is completely removed. Finish as you wish.

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