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Stay Blonder Longer.

Lackluster shades can dull even the most perfect platinum, white, silver, and gray color treatments. Finally, kiss yellow, orange, brassy, and brunette tones goodbye with Sarah K! The So Blonde Platinum Mask makes way for nothing but brilliant, blonde color, full of dimension and health. It's your all-in-one hair moisturizer, hair lightener, hair detangler, and split end treatment for platinum blonde hair!

Bleach is Strong, but So Blonde is Stronger.

Sarah K created the So Blonde line to extend the life of color-treated blonde hair, whether you boast an ashen blonde look or prefer strands of icy silver. Beat out hair damage and deterioration from dyes with the blonde-boosting power of So Blonde by Sarah K! See what's inside your bottle:

  • DEEP CLEANING AGENTS - Sarah K combines a powerful, penetrative shampoo with a hair lightener to keep your blonde clean, strong, and nurtured. Enjoy fresh, clean hair all day long, without oiliness or residue.
  • PLATINUM BLONDE TONER - Neutralizing toners cancel out the undesirable shades of yellow and orange and push your platinum to a new level of gorgeous.
  • SHEA BUTTER - Moisturizing, lightweight shea butter keeps hair effortlessly soft and prevents dye-induced dryness.

    In love with the lucid dream of your Platinum Shampoo? Pump up your blonde to the max, and pair your blonde shampoo with the deep conditioning So Blonde Platinum Mask!

    Stunning, Salon Perfect Hair by Sarah K.

    Sarah K Professional took root in Brazil, one of the world's most influential cosmetic and beauty meccas. Since then, her revolutionary hair products have become first picks for hairdressers everywhere. With dozens of systems tailored to your hair needs, Sarah K promises gorgeous results with quality ingredients that won't dry or fatigue the hair.

    Revitalize vibrant blonde locks today with the So Blonde Platinum Mask by Sarah K!





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