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Unik Keratin is a treatment developed to discipline, reduce the volume and align the hair in a safe and natural way.

It is a volume reduction treatment developed with oxoacetamide of carbocysteine, which has intense reductive action. It provides natural smooth effect, great reduction of volume, strength and softness to the hair.


- Intense reduction of volume (immediately).
- Leaves the hair straightener (gradual action).
- Controls the frizz.
- Provides instant shine and a natural look (lightness and flexibility).
- It is a permeable treatment, allowing the input and output of water, nutrients, etc.


De Sírius was the first to stabilize the asset so that it could be used commercially.

The active, oxoacetamide of carbocysteine, according to studies, is safe to the health of the client and the hairdresser; it eliminates the neutralization process and allows a temporary change of the hair structure.

The oxoacetamide of carbocysteine is obtained
through a chemical reaction between Carbon + Cysteine + Keratin + Oxoacetamide.

This asset was launched on the market in 2010 and today is the biggest revolution in terms of assets for temporary hair realignment.


Sensorial results:
Hair easy to comb, treated, more resistant, flexible and with natural movement.
Straightening results:
It varies according to the hair characteristics, from 60% volume reduction on resistant
ethnic curly hair, to 100% in slightly wavy hair.


Carbocysteine oxoacetamides

Due to its high ionicity, UNIK KERATIN interacts with the cysteine present on the outside of the hair and promotes the breakdown of bonds of hydrogen and also the salt bonds in the hair fiber, providing the interconversion (realignment) of sulfur bridges. This action is enhanced by heat and mechanical traction of the brush and flat iron, without breaking these bonds. This technology provides the temporary straightening.

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