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OXIDANT CREME - 30 vol. - 900G

OXIDANT CREME - 30 vol. - 900G

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Hair whitening with hair fiber protection. 

Creamy texture. 

VEGAN product, with wheat germ oil.

Clarium hydrogen peroxide has its formula enriched with treatment agents and emollients, which protect the hair structure during the chemical action of the product, improving the color reaction and guaranteeing the uniformity of color and shine, aiming to improve the quality of health. of hair. Developed to be used in color treatments, highlights.


• Protects the hair fiber;
• Uniformity of color and brightness;
• Improves the color reaction;
• softness;
• Aligned cuticles;
• Frizz reduction;
• More resistant hair.


• Easy application;
• VEGAN product;
• Protects hair health;


For all hair types and procedures that require an oxidant.


Wheat oil and glutamic acid.

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